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After it became apparent that agency crews would no longer accept undermined labor standards, labor rights and labor principles, and would seek representation via a lawful, labor trade union, Norwegian and OSM distributed the notice below.

Vegard Einan, the head of Norway labor union PARAT, believes the notice is an attempt to influence employees from joining a union, and in a Scandinavian working life context, is “ethically and morally reprehensible”:

At the left, the notice states; "Norwegian nor OSM will never divulge your personal information". It is a documented fact that Norwegian has previously disclosed, entirely without consent, the personal information of at least one agency crew member, possibly more, including private bank details with account numbers. At the right, the notice warns of threats and bully tactics, the use of which both OSM and Norwegian are proficient:

“Pilots are threatened with losing their jobs if they refuse to transition to OSM”

Union representation will hold Norwegian accountable to comply with the International Labor Organization, ILO, core conventions it (falsely) declares on its website to comply with:

If ever there was an airline that demanded strong union representation, it is the regime of Bjorn Kjos and his cronies.

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