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Just for balance:
I come from the opposite side of the academic tracks to GtE but I couldn't agree more with his last few posts.
I would add that unless you are John Travolta you cannot buy the experience of commanding "heavy metal".
Most things in life are Risk v Benefit and Uni is a huge benefit. There is a risk attached however. I've always believed in terms of furthering your pilot career you should go for what you want and don't go for what you don't. The '74 oil crisis, 9/11, SARS and other events has taught me to go for it as soon as you can. There must be some who made the perfectly valid decision to go to Uni 3 years ago rather than immediately for the BA FPP. They are now, as they graduate,anxiously waiting to hear when and more importantly IF the FPP 16 will happen. They could have been jetting around in the P2 seat of an A320 by now.
No criticism intended,who knows what will happen in the future I just want to help people make logical decisions with as much evidence as possible.

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