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Hi all,

Just for info the BA PRIAM bidding process has just opened and will stay open for the next month. This is the system that allows current BA pilots to put in a request for a fleet transfer. It is seniority based, and takes into account forecast vacancies, retirements, part time requests, fleet growth or decline and any freezes relevant to the individual.

Bidding now is for the training year starting Jan '17 and it is worth noting that this will be the first time that those pilot who started in 2012, when recruitment started to ramp up, will be able to bid without the initial 5 year freeze. Once the bidding closes BA then allocates courses on a seniority basis and then looks at what seats it has left and recruits appropriately.

What this means in terms of numbers and LH/SH I have no idea and I suspect neither will BA until the end of the summer/ early autumn.


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