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This is where Engines and I complement each other!

I said I wouldn't speculate any more, and I won't. All I will say is that not having a comprehensive and up to date Topic 6, or not funding MF760 investigations will, sooner or later, hazard the airworthiness of an aircraft fleet.
Instructions issued in January 1993 to stop such work and for Service Engineering Authorities not to submit MF760As (Requests for Investigation). Most tried to ignore it and the compromise was save them up for 6 months and submit an Omnibus. Then you'd get the DA to do the investigation and charge it to travel and subsistence or whatever, so AMSO couldn't see money was being spent on maintaining airworthiness. Yes, I know, it made the audit trail difficult (which is what we're discussing here) but you either disobeyed an illegal order and tried to make the aircraft safe, or followed orders by committing fraud by misrepresentation. The point is, the information exists, but sometimes not always in, strictly speaking, the correct place.

Excellent summary Engines.
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