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Originally Posted by Cloud Cutter View Post
Pretty impressive photo alright PB - do you know if those cowl doors are designed to sheer at that point, just below the hinges? Seems like pretty good design. When they unlatch but don't depart, then you're in for a problem - but I've only heard of that happening on turboprops.
Yeah mate ,good point!Coming out of Vegas last night,the mechanics had both cowlings open,I made the effort to get down there and personally watch the relatch,by 2,and a supervisor sign off,4 latches securely latched,so that made 4 of us,verifying it was ticketiboo.I actually asked that question,there answer,No,they do not shear,just depends on how fast you are going,pith angle etc.

This was a newer A/C,latches all new,and snug,seems that over time,vibration,wear and tear etc,these latches can all become very loose,but latched.This incident is still under investigation,as they haven't found the garden where some of these parts are.Bottom line,there are just some parts of an Aircraft that need closer inspection than others.It was a daytime flight out of a MTX base,the rush to get an on time departure,both incidents seem to have corresponding issues.

This is the 3rd such incident with our cowlings,and gear pin issues are about the same,and slide deployments,and vehicle hits and jetway bumps and etc etc,...job security for many

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