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AFE book study myself first, my FI does ground school instead of flying if you want (he's being paid either way) so I then follow my self study with an hour or two ground school where he asks questions and explains stuff that "in theory" I know, but turns out, I don't always.

Then take the exam.

No fails yet, but one near miss ! IMHO, They don't have to 100%, they have to be passes.

I got a question wrong on one which led to a debate with the examiner. Can the component of thrust that causes you to gain altitude be called lift ?

Anyway, if you're FI offers ground school, I'd say use it.If he doesn't, ask him to. 1 hour ground school, 1 to 1, at 30 an hour (same as he charges for his time in the air) is worth a lot more than the 30 it costs.
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