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GMEDX et al,

Agreed, ultimately market forces will decide.

Skippers - 147K for 75 hours ( plus the loyalty around 20k p.a) and 4 weeks leave ? Not many about to leave the CPG on that basis, even for an A50 surely ? (Mid 2017)

Commuting (long distance) option was 8 GDO's plus 2 days annual leave attached to allow 10 days free from HKG per month.

On my math that leaves 28 minus 24 equals 4 days in total left for annual leave ? Suddenly the boat shed deal of 14 weeks in the cleaner air doesn't seem that bad. That's more than 1 week per month anyway on a salary that is . . . well significantly better. Watch out though CPG, it may well work for the younger folk amongst us without the benefits they don't enjoy that are fast disappearing anyway.

They need 30 "crews" ASAP - NZ, regional Asia, Spain, more Oz and North America multiple ports - maybe they will be forced to revisit the salary on offer, here's hoping for us all. That HKG licence and Airbus rating has to be worth something to them ?

Interesting times we live in.

Best to all in the 852.

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