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Does size matter ?

Was flying along with the girlfriend recently and felt it was an opportune time to broach the subject of "does size really matter?" She gingerly asked me in what context my question was being made. I explained that I had just changed out the 26" Alaskan bush wheels for 26"Goodyear's, unfortunately although advertised as 26" the goodyears actually stand 23" a good 3 inches shorter. She said that in spite of 3" being a rather significant shortfall it depended on how things were handled. For example she said the other night it was a full warm up, smooth handling, I kept my sped up on final, hit the right spot and both mains touched down together and due to this she never noticed the size deficit.

I was heartened to hear her thoughts and receive validation as to the performance but felt she may just be being kind to soothe any sense of inadequacies. I want a second opinion just to be sure and felt that over the years I have become close to my fellow ppruners and consider you almost like family and have on other occasions "opened my kimono" so to speak on matters that have cropped up where I needed advice, granted previous queries were not of such a personal nature. So without further ado please take a look at the picture linked below and tell me if you feel the size difference does matter. I'd ask that the responses be honest but kind as I'm a tad sensitive and needy right now.

Warning: the pic shows partially stripped with full frontal exposure, Goodyear on the left, Alaskan on the right.

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