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The sad thing is that such a set of trips could have easily attracted excellent interest and exposure if they had been properly managed and called 'Bird and Bloke in a Biplane" or any other combination. Let's not forget, to follow such routes is a fantastic adventure in itself.

Unfortunately, whilst focussing on the "Bird" bit, TCT seems to have forgotten about more interesting bits. A nicely fitted flying-suit, some fresh make-up and a the occasional MILF-inspired photograph only appeals to a few; to me the publicity should have been about the wider adventure and the wider aims. There's an interesting set of trips going on by a chap in his R66 (threejourneysround). This is another rich person's adventure interspersed with some very useful charity work but one must seriously question whether TCT's endeavours and achievements are worthy of far greater public recognition etc just because she is a woman?
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