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Been There Done that.

Well, this decision is Entirely personal and depends on what stage of life you are at and what you actually want out of life. Also remember the current state of the airlines might change in the future once you join them. Also be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom !

Following are the facts I learnt from my personal experience / from people who have experienced in these airlines. I have given interviews of all the three.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. So first of all make decisions out of the interviews you get through. It's not easy and it's not tough either.


Presuming you are In your early twenties. It's is a good airline to work for considering the fact that you have no widebody experience.
You fly to every nook and corner of the world and log plenty of widebody jet time. But time to command is very subjective and it makes no sense to leave after 5 year contract with no command. So you goto picture yourself in the desert for Atleast a decade. It's closer to your home too. Money is decent. You can only save a lot if you compromise on life style.

Eva Air

There is a South American pilot who joined 16 years ago, settled in TPE with family, including his son(who just joined on 777 as FO). Taipei is a nice place. Command might take much longer than the promised time, as lot of cadets will get past you from day 1. As your seniority is only counted half in the first contract. Eva air is a good airline with good safety record. You get 8 days / 16 days only if you stay in the company bachelor pad. If you take accommodation allowance (25k NTD) , you will be considered as local and no days off in a row. so you'll have to spend even more to get the days off with family. My experience with the captains there was good. They seem to be treating their / expat FOs well. Again there are bad apples everywhere. Here you goto pay income taxes too 7-21% depending on days you stay and dependants. Taipei is a beautiful city with plenty of things to do.


Istanbul is a great place to live out of all the three imho. Great weather , plenty of things to do and it's almost Europe. But the political scenario & Turkish economy is a big question mark. Yes like Emma said they have a bad safety record and not a great flight deck environment. I heard they give upgrades faster to the locals. For expats again a big question mark. And the language is a big issue too. Happen to see the way simulators are conducted there, Not bad at all.

I would say 1.EK 2.BR 3.TK

And why not QR & EŁ ?

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