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Normally an extension to maintenance of any type once agreed with the aviation authority would only require further paperwork to be submitted if for example an ammendment was required. Providing the operator has replaced the component within the agreed timescale no further information would be supplied to the airworthiness authority. So I would assume that the gearbox in this case had been replaced or was still within the agreed extension. I cant see why there would need to be further correspondence with the Norwegian authority. As it appears to have been stated that the box was replaced I see nothing in the documents to suggest that this was not the case.


The use of chamfered washers is common on all helicopters. The maintenance procedures are clear requiring the chamfer to be fitted against the bolt head. If a washer is installed with the chamfer facing the wrong way or without a chamfer then that is clearly a "wrong" (incorrect) installation that should have been picked up on assembly.

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