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Jesus wept, here's my hypothesis as to the origins of "s".

In essence minuscule s is a simple screening tool; used, deters Zeus, his mates and occasional imbecilic pedants.

HKA has always recruited directly onto whatever fleet they need to crew . It Will be the same for the A350. Join now and you will be stuck on whatever fleet you join on . (sic)
Standard practice in HK, what's your alternative. Regarding your 350 assumption, incorrect, excluding limited experienced crew. Been awhile since you spoke with a HKA pilot, excluding crew choosing to remain, upgrades and recent joiners the vast majority of crew are on the fleet of their choice.

Ill be waiting for those HKA european A350 bases with my EASA A330/350 rating.
... but for the time being im happy to save my nice strong HK dollars .
Ritalin ran out, semipro soothsayer, learning disabilities and or disorders, basic comprehension failures, my first thoughts.

Ps. I wont be holding my breath , from "
Deliveries of the newly ordered A330-200s will begin in 2012, while the carrier's first A350 XWB will arrive in 2018"(sic)
Wish you would, shit just happens in your world mate! Crews contractually type frozen for two years on joining, currently less.

Can you feel yourself being 'sucked in' by the lure of a 350? If so, be warned from those working there already. Hong Kong Airlines/Hainan are notorious for making promises they can't possibly keep.(sic)
The world spins, time and tide. HKA appears to be working to correct past failures with a fluidity in the crewing market others fail to accept.

Also I thought that due to Hong Kong CAA restrictions you can't join as a direct captain unless you have 500 hrs on type? (sic)
It's okay son, rest your head.
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