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Hi everyone again,
I just "completed" the online assessment.

First of all, I recommend you to be sure to have a good internet connection. I am having troubles with a test, after completing it the connection went off and now I cannot save the personality test.

Afterwards, the assessment is made of 5 tests:

1 - Personality test: 48 pages with three statements, you have 6 points to share among this three statements. No time limits

2 - Multi tasking test: same as EasyJet (as the platform is the same). you will have to move the runway in order to make the airplane land, check is the calculations are correct or incorrect and if there are multiple letters in the sequence. 5 minutes

3 - Verbal reasoning: 49 questions with "true" "false" or "cannot say" regarding a 6 sheets text. 12 minutes

4 - Norwegian Situational Judgement: 20 pages with real-life, operative situations with three options. 6 points to share as the personality test. no time limits

5 - English test: it is divided into three tests. the first one is about filling a blank spot in the statements they give you. In the second one you have to make an association between different words and concepts. in the last one you will have to spot the right spelling of the words given. 4 minutes each.

Now I am waiting for an answer from the company admin in order to solve the problem with my test. I have heard that Norwegian will not provide any immediate response, I know a guy who waited 2 weeks for a reply, then he was successful and he attended the selection.

Hope this will help you
Good luck to everyone!!!!!

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