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Eager - you're replying to a 9 month old post. And there are loads of people with joint UK / Pakistani nationality: a relic of empire.

Gram - the first year of any engineering degree is horrible as they bring everybody up to the same standard in maths and engineering science. It gets a lot more fun after that. Working as an engineer is also a lot more fun than studying it.

If you want to be a pilot, learn to fly. There's a University Air Squadron attached to Sheffield, and I'm sure that there are gliding clubs and the like as well. Your student fees are massively greater than a PPL, which is the only sensible first step towards becoming a professional pilot. Doing a PPL will tell you if you have the motivation and aptitude: nothing else will.

Forget this nonsense about "applying to flight school", unless you're a complete halfwit, which you're not if you got into a Russell Group university, the only questions that'll be asked will be can you afford it, and can you pass a class 1 medical.

Talking of which, get a class 1 medical before you commit to anything else.

And don't discount the possibility of doing engineering for a living, whilst flying for fun.

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