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I too would like to thank all the contributors to this very interesting and at times very funny thread. My connections with the Hercules are few; I was at Lyneham in the early days (67-69) but was on Brit Line (The name of 'Charlie 130' was banded about a lot I rememeber. I was on the 71MU team that moved XV181 off the airfield to the 'Outdoor Hangar' at Thorney Island in 1974 and then in the long hot summer '76 we dismantled it and transported it up to Marshall's of Cambridge by road. The only other time in my service was when a Herc went U/S at Orlando and I had to fly out from Odiham to help with the transfer of a Puma from one Herc to another and then down to Belize to deliver the Puma and have a night stop. On the way back the aircraft went U/S at Gander with a nose wheel steering hydraulic problem. I volunteered to help the GE and for my troubles got soaked in hydraulic oil. On return to Lyneham the captain made a phone call Odiham to my Boss to say thanks for the help. I cannot recall the captains name but he had burns on his hand from frying chips late one evening at home when the pan caught fire. Not long after that I was promoted to Sgt. I cannot recall the GE name either. - Shame on me.


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