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With respect, TOFO, I'm not believing anything other than this:

it's difficult to square his [Ward's] comment regarding [Nimrods] patrolling only around ASI when you're sitting in the National Archives holding the report of the Nimrod crew who got rather close to the mainland in your hand...).

Which - as far as I can see - does nothing other than suggest that Cdr Ward's comments about how far away Nimrods got from ASI/were away from the TEZ are wrong.

I merely assumed that it was reasonable to observe that, since there is rather a lot of evidence (archival and anecdotal) that shows that Nimrods went a bit further south than Ward says, it serves as a warning about needing to be cautious about taking everything he says as gospel. Which, of course, was in answer to a question about the quality of his account.

I don't know enough about the efficacy of Nimrod ops to comment about that. Which is why I didn't... (although I presumed that your comment about 'good guys doing good stuff' meant that it wasn't a picture of unredeemed hopelessness).

My apologies if you thought that I was attempting to comment about that via 20:20 hindsight and a small number of some scruffy files at Kew...
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