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There is still the question: in a modern a/c with a MAP driven by GPS and thus very accurate, onto a runway with an ILS, in a cockpit with 2 pilots and 2 sets of eyes, how can you line up with anything other than the runway at 3nm. I understand the 'let's make a visual approach' element of any such screw up, but I have to assume the ILS was tuned and displaying the deviation pointers and that 2 pilots should have been checking its indications.
There is no mention in the article if it was day/night or the weather. One has to assume visual conditions, but night could make it confusing; all the more reason to be careful and not cut corners.
To say safety was not compromised is a little blasť. They say the GA was a consequence of an EGPWS warning. To me, so close to the ground, that means the pilots had put the a/c in a hazardous position. It strikes me that the root cause might well be lax MCC procedures and lax/non-compliance with SOP's. If visual, onto an ILS runway with all its associated approach lighting system etc. not to realise at 3nm that what you see out the window is not what you expect, and that the ILS deviation needles are not centred, it does make me wonder just what were they looking at: 2 sets of eyes?
Gash might be generous, but I welcome mitigating parameters. Was it that everything was 'switched off' and ONLY Mk.1 eyeball was in use. I'm all for visual flying using basics, but the instruments should still be in the scan. Was this a short cut onto a short base/finals? There may be something for us to learn.
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