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Uni Vs Flying

Hi There,
long time reader, first time poster here.
Basically, I decided I wanted to be a pilot around two years ago, whilst at college. I didn't have the funds (obviously) and wasn't in a position to have my parents put anything on the line to secure a loan so I decided to go to uni, get a degree to get a job to eventually get myself in a position to then apply for flight school. Also, It gives me a back up option if things go to pot.
I'm currently studying electrical engineering. I have always enjoyed electronics and technology and I'm just about to go into my first year exams. BUT, I've not enjoyed the course and i'm skeptical about the exams.
If I were to fail the year I'm thinking about risking it and just applying to a flight school. What I want to know is will it look bad on my part if I have to tell them I failed my first year at uni? Will it affect my chances at all?
Thank you all for your time