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Thanks for admitting she never flew a Shuttleworth aircraft. Her website claims have been clever in their wording.

The Stearman used for all her flights was housed at Shuttleworth. She obviously did fly it there but that does not give her the status of being a museum pilot.

I asked you about the LAA Bill Woodham award as I assume you know and talk to Steve Slater who is the CEO of the LAA but also a member of the HCAP? It appears you would like to know how they justified it but it appears it was awarded before the facts were known. Steve seems to agree there are issues. Can I suggest a reappraisal of the info presented to the LAA and the HCAP and you all convene before this makes the national press?

Let me ask you a direct you think Tracey Curtis Taylor flew as a solo pilot the Artemis sponsored Stearman from the UK to Sydney as portrayed by the national and international press?

When you have your awards banquet later in the year will you all be happy to give this prestigious Masters Medal to someone who clearly had another person on board as depicted in global news pictures?

Will all of you in the HCAP agree...she deserved it?

Or will you convene and reassess the possibility you just might have been conned?

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