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In answer to your edited post -

I perhaps should inform you of the hard time Tracey suffered
I have never suggested that she had a hard time.

Can you explain to me how this mirrored Amy Johnson's horendous 21 day epic voyage in a pre cursor of the Tiger Moth back in 1921?
I don't think it does.
I don't know anyone who does.

As for the HCAP Masters Medal....probably now worth as much as all those old cheap gold commemorative coins peddled on daytime tv.
There you go again.

And your subsequent post -

I thought she flew a Shuttleworth aircraft.
If she didn't, I stand corrected.

Now justify the award of the Bill Woodham Navigation Award to someone who only,according to ex army pilot Sam Rutherford, flew 4 out of 44 legs on her so called Aviatrix BBC programme.
Why do you ask me to do that?
I'm not a member of the organisation which gave her that award.
I'd be interested to learn how they justify it.

I have already told you, in other threads, why TCT was awarded the Master's Medal.
If you were less blinkered you might have noticed that I gave you the facts - no more, no less.
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