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I guess the answer is that flying solo to Australia is not an easy task doing it the way Amy Johnson did it.
Like a lot of reality tv players these days she seems to enjoy basking in the glare of publicity.

It is not just the national and international media that has failed to see through the PR smokescreen.

In March Pilot magazine chose to list her alongside some of the all time greats in women's aviation at a time when there was already plenty of online discussion over her claims.

10 outstanding women from aviation history - Features - Pilot
The world of aviation has long been known as a male dominated occupation and hobby. Thankfully it is becoming an increasingly popular vocation for women to discover and enjoy. We have decided to reflect and celebrate the women who made some of the most groundbreaking achievements with regards to aviation history.
To list her alongside Amy Johnson,Amelia Earheart ,the first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova and Sheila Scott is a travesty.

No mention there of Dianna Britten who in 1995 became the first woman in history to claim the title of British Aerobatic Champion. Or Eve Jackson who flew a microlight from the UK to Australia in 1986 a long time before the luxury of GPS, iPads and mobile phones.

I can forgive the mainstream press when they make errors in reporting aviation matters but flying magazines have a duty to get it right.

It would be interesting to hear from the editor why he chose to publish that item and perhaps what plans he has to correct it.

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