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Itchin McCrevis
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Any idea if there's a specific time when scheduled flight times are up-dated? I'm interested in Flight MT 2538 (Manchester - Antalya), and want to know when flight times have been changed between July last year (07:00) and current flight time (14:15).
There are certain key dates in the scheduling process for the summer 16 season

The first is the world-wide summer slot conference in mid-November, up until that point no airline could be sure that they had got the airport slots at the times they wanted at either end of the route unless they had operated an identical flight at an identical time in summer 15. Up until this point, in the absence of those "historic rights", many of the advertised flight times could only have been provisional.

The second key date was the slot return deadline in mid January by which time the airlines were supposed to have completed their slot swapping/trading and should have firmed up their summer 16 programmes.

This is the way it is supposed to work but some carriers, holiday/charter companies in particular, will continue to add, cut and change things around in response to actual sales trends even as late in the day as this.
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