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My view is that the airline industry is subject to gender socialization just like every other walk of life and I am not going to retreat into my corner and have a dummy spit simply because an airline is trying to attract women into its ranks.
At best, this is obfuscation or a non sequitur, perhaps by using these sort of statements you think that you are setting up a straw man. At worst it is utter nonsense. In nine pages of generally polite (for PPRuNe) discourse no one here has done any such thing.

This thread started from an article containing the following quotes:

"For the past year, it (Jetstar) has had a policy in place to aim for an even split between male and female candidates for interviews and shortlisted for jobs. If that cannot be achieved in the event nobody from a specific gender applied or met critical technical and safety qualifications, an explanation must be provided."
"Aviation/Aerospace Australia chief executive Ken McLean said progressive airlines around the world had abandoned the position of having women in the cabin and men in the cockpit.

Incentives and quotas have helped reverse this situation," he said. "The challenge now is to ensure women are well represented in the technical aspects of aviation, such as maintenance, dispatch and piloting."
Here we have nine pages (mostly) written by people who know the industry, who have well and truly explained the shortcomings of these policies, and explained how the industry works, Including (IMHO) a couple of excellent posts explaining the qualities of successful applicants, including self-motivation.

In seven posts, you've quoted, mis quoted, made vague reference to "studies" without links or citation, demonstrated a perception bias, made assertions without qualification, inferred intentions that were not written in the opening article and demonstrated a lack of knowledge of the aviation industry.

It's clear that you are not a professional Pilot and have nothing to contribute toward the subject of airline recruitment beyond nefarious statements about socialisation.
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