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To 'make it' as a pilot, you need to be single minded with an eye on the end goal/prize. You need to move on a moments notice anywhere, live out of a suitcase for a long time, have no financial security and any spare money you stumble upon goes back into aviation and booze. Flying becomes your priority and life. Everything else takes a back seat. Starting out in aviation is the ultimate gamble.

I've left girlfriends to move interstate, brought girlfriends with me and left them, sold up, sold out, chewed up, spat out. It's just the nature of it. It's also the nature of the type of person who does make it.

Basically you need to put yourself and your needs first. Sleep, study etc etc. I still find this hard balancing the needs of a family and sometimes a less than understanding wife. (Why do you need sleep? You just sit there. Didn't you sleep In the hotel? Why do you need to study? You're always studying! Shouldn't you know it all by now? You're tired? I'm tired! I've been up with the kids. It's your turn....) etc etc

Often the girls find a bloke and settle down. They don't chase it.

Cadetships are the way to get women into aviation. However I've watched many start a family and never return to line flying. It's too hard on the body to do what we do, and run a family. Especially if the hubby works a lot too. Or worse is a pilot!
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