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Ironically in order to encourage more women pilots it could be that some of the things quoted earlier as potential reasons that women won't fly might be changed if there were more female pilots, leading to a more family oriented, well balanced career for everybody.
As if rostering will change just because there are more woman in the job!Have you seen the rosters the F/A's get? If it has escaped your attention most of them are female. Pilots are pilots and they will be rostered to their maximum limits regardless of gender. The Jetstar CEO (the real one not the pretend one who has just got the boot) was very vocal about ensuring that work did not get in the way of her family time. I haven't noticed any family friendly rosters being a result of any female generated cultural change.

It reminds me of the argument about females being better leaders of countries. Google who was in charge of the belligerents during the Falklands, Yom Kippur and the various India-Pakistan conflicts. I'm also sure that if Hillary gets elected President that the Yanks wont be reducing their defence budget and spending the money on homeless accommodation.
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