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'No evidence has been provided.

Oh, and you've misquoted the Bible as well.'

I provided evidence earlier. I did not misquote the bible, I deliberately modified a well known saying (it's origin in the known form is not the bible). It's called paraphrasing.

Agreed, to have more at the interview you need more going through flying schools which means more girls in school need to be convinced it's a good career. This process would only take a couple of years. Similar arguments were used to justify the lack of equality in the medical profession until recent years - now, more medical students are female than male. Of course, that improves the overall quality of the candidates as they all have to compete with a higher number of quality applicants.

Ironically in order to encourage more women pilots it could be that some of the things quoted earlier as potential reasons that women won't fly might be changed if there were more female pilots, leading to a more family oriented, well balanced career for everybody.
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