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Make sure u have at least an extra 15% of the purchase price in your pocket if you plan to buy a property.that cash goes straight into the pocket of the HKSAR government for u to never see it again.
alternatively u can pay a chinamans mortgage for him for 7 years while u wait

If you plan to rent research what type of place 21k HKD will get you. maybe you can live in tung chung but not in central for under 30k.btw 21k is the special allowance for rent that the company deems acceptable to pay for an apartment to rent for you and your family. (note renting at 21k for 7 years is a lot of cash down the toilet. 21k*12 months *7 years= 155k sterling u have paid off some1 elses mortgage for them)

fyi. a recent resignation from the company joined late september 2015. 6 months service. got his 330 rating and resigned for the mid-east i believe. reality of cost really kicks in quickly for C scalers with family
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