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On reflection and reading Flying Lawyer's excellent and balanced post I withdraw my comment on the HGAP.

However the fact remains, in my opinion, that TCT does not warrant the LAA navigation award or the Masters medal. Her facebook page and media interviews suggest some pretty band airmanship with claims of scud running and low level flying. No doubt all part of embroidering the reality tv programme being filmed on both trips. Ice Road Truckers,Outback Truckers etc. However the participants do not get awards.

The Sydney arrival was deceitful to say the least.

Suggesting she is a mentor for aspiring female pilots implies that bending the truth to achieve success is the norm now.

Her claims to be commemorating Lady Mary Heath and Amy Johnson would have been more honourable if she had flown both trips solo in a Tiger Moth.

To look back at the early aviators it was basic flying on a hard seat in an open cockpit. Despite his lack of social panache Maurice Kirk was in my opinion the number one adventurer on the London to Sydney air race.

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