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I'm fond of the more quirky cover versions, as mentioned this reduces many people to apoplexy, but you can have all sorts of fun with a good off the wall cover version.
John Ottway's version of the House of the Rising Sun is now legendary on the pub rock circuit and the audience participation has reached manic levels. Money by the Flying Lizards is one that I'm fond of and The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain do many covers, but for me it has to be their version of the Dambusters!
Johnnie Allan's version of Chuck Berrie's Promised land, complete with crazy Cajun accordion is hard to beat
Point of order didn't Dandy Nichols write A Message to you Rudy which was then covered by Judge Dread, the Specials and Uncle Tom Cobley and all.
My Favourite however has to be Union Avenues version of The Ace of Spades I'm beginning to lose count of the gullible souls I've convinced that this was really written by Johnny Cash. !
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