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Jay Sata

I agree with you that any suggestion that it was a solo flight is very misleading.

Sadly it appears that money and publicity count much more these days than the sheer spirit of adventure that inspired the sort of trips that have appeared on this thread.
Unfortunately, people with a spirit of adventure are as frequently criticised as admired in our risk averse nanny state world.
They are sometimes criticised on PPRuNe – particularly in this forum.

On this occasion the Honourable Guild Of Air Pilots awarded the Masters Medal for what was in effect a dual flight reality tv programme.
She has been awarded the Master's Medal (which will be presented in October) for highlighting women in aviation and encouraging girls/young women to pursue their aspirations even if they seem to be beyond reach. I don't remember the precise words but that is the gist.

The Honourable Guild of Air Pilots are just a lot of high society UK pilots who clap each other on the back and wear gowns at their meetings.
You clearly know nothing about the Honourable Company of Air Pilots. (Formerly the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators. See here: )
Apart from one aspect (gowns) which is partially correct, what you say is nonsense.
Gowns are worn in only two circumstances. Members wear them if/when they become a Liveryman, and only on that one occasion. Officers of the Company wear the company’s livery (gowns) at formal meetings and on ceremonial occasions only. That is a livery company tradition - and why they become known as ‘livery’ companies.

We have Royal members but the overall membership is not "high society". About two thirds of our members are current or former professional pilots. PPLs (like me) are made very welcome.
We do not "clap each other on the back." We honour aviators from around the world regardless of whether they are members. The overwhelming majority of recipients are not.
If you were to attend or read about our magnificent annual Trophies & Awards banquets held at Guildhall in the City of London you could not fail (unless you are very odd) to be impressed and inspired by the various accounts of professionalism, dedication, skill, courage, determination and service to others exhibited by the recipients.
The exceptional achievements of some recipients during their careers were previously known only to those in their field; others are more well-known.
Other aviators are honoured for their outstanding skill and professionalism (and often breath-taking bravery) on a single occasion.

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