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A standard contract FO makes about $100,000 per month before tax all up. A high percentage of Education costs are paid on top of that for each eligible child. The main trouble will be coughing up the large debenture sums to get your kids into an ESF school. They can be in the order of $100k per child. You can check the Australian school or DBIS websites. Their debentures are on the expensive end I think. You should expect to pay about 15% tax on every dollar you receive including education allowance. You can rent a place in Tung Chung for the low 20's but that is the place hope goes to die. Central or mid levels will be 30k+ for a small place (50 sq metres). A 70 sq m top floor village house in south Lantau can be 15-20k but you must have a car there. If your Mrs is frugal you'll be okay but if she wants to enjoy the Tai Tai life going out every day do up a good budget.
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