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OK, perhaps not the most appropriate thread for this comment, but short of opening a new thread, I didn't see another that was obvious.

I went to see 'Eye in the Sky' last night, which, apart from having 70+ year old Helen Mirren playing the role of a serving military officer, (which she pulled off extraordinarily well), was, I fear, an absolutely 101% accurate representation of how things work in today's high tech world of military communications, which allows micro (no, make that NANO) management by people absolutely remote from the battlefield (please, don't leap upon what some might opine is my inappropriate use of that word).

9/10ths of the world - i.e., damn near everyone outside the Western democracies, and 100% of those we're "fighting" - would be scratching their heads wondering WTF all the agonising was all about.

I'd go so far as to suggest that the title of the movie should include a sub title: "And This Is Why We Will Lose this War".

I'd be interested to hear from any currently serving military people as to how accurate the movie is. I fear I know the answer - that much overused word "absolutely".
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