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Look guys. Leeds Approach has made many arguments in the past for his agenda for closing all airports in Yorkshire and moving to one Yorkshire airport in the right place with the right facilities. That Airport is the former RAF Church Fenton. It is aparently in the best place and has good transport links. LBA has a short runway pointing in the wrong direction and is on a hill and has poor transport links. DSA doesn't have a NE/SW runway either and despite plenty of space and a good length runway is in the wrong place. Doncaster at least is a large city unlike Tadcaster. Leeds/ Bradford clearly don't have the catchment Tadcaster does (plus it's fantastic transport links to the rest of Yorkshire).
As someone who used to work at CF as far as I remember neither runway was longer than either LBA or DSA. It also suffers from Vale of York fog ( another of Leeds Approachs'arguments against LBA in particular) Whilst I agree CF could be expanded and developed who is going to pay?? Will the owners of LBA or DSA, neither of which are local authorities, shut their airports to allow LA's vision? Let's get back to the real world.LBA is struggling along with a little over 3 million pax a year and last I looked DSA was growing nicely. Neither are perfect but short of a billionaire coming in to throw money away on CF and buy out LBA and DSAs owners it is what we have. Get used to it!
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