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While not wishing to criticise Inspectors who generally do a good job,I would query those qualifications.
If my memory serves me the CASA PNG examiner we had said he had some 28,000 hours with 6,000 fixed wing and the rest rotary . . . (he could have said 26,000 hours with 8,000 fixed wing). Either way he could well have been flying for over 40 years. He mentioned having flown with Talair as Cravenmorehead spoke of above.

Well done CASA PNG for sending us such a Flight Examiner as have never seen one like him in 32 years of flying. He was a top notch bloke, real good value and mature enough to have the hours. He talked like a pilot, walked like a pilot and knew aircraft like a pilot.

It good to know that there are excellent experienced pilots in PNG.
Thanks tail wheel and Cravenmorehead for your supportive replies.

Am sorry again for the loss at Sunbird.

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