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"Replace the Enroute Surveillance "


Sure, replace the ageing 'existing'radar ie 'The J Curve" where does it say about new stations to cover all the areas that ADSB do now.

We can get airborne out of Osborne/ Trepell mine these days and be identified at 8000 feet. In our aircraft that aren't fitted we then have to trudge along in the weather at 280 until close to Hughenden before they will let us up. It was cheaper for AS to ask industry to fund ADSB and put in ADSB receivers around the country than what it would have been to upgrade / increase their ground based radars to cover more of Oz

Sure America is going this way as well due to their ageing radar equipment but not for years to come and not by way of enroute charges that we pay as well. Additionally the US government offers an interest free loan to operators to install ADSB equipment in commercially operated aircraft, but that will never happen here either
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