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No more CGIs

The world has gone mad!!

What on earth are they thinking?? The Staff Cadets and junior instructors are/were the life blood of Air Cadet gliding operations.

On the airfield they wear flying suits just like the commissioned staff - they do not need uniforms for goodness sake.

When I became a commissioned officer at a Gliding School (having been a Staff Cadet and CGI) I seem to remember wearing my uniform when traveling to the airfield, then I changed into my flying suit. I then changed into uniform for going into the mess at lunchtimes. When the Officers' Mess closed (along with the rest of the airfield) I traveled to the airfield in my flying suit and we all looked the same.

When I went to Syerston for recategorisation I was most surprised to see Mess users wearing growbags. I suppose a sign of the times!!

If I was a CGI I would certainly not give any consideration to becoming an adult NCO in the Air Cadets. My old squadron adult Warrant Officer would turn in his grave at the very thought. He was a CPO on minesweepers during the second war and had also fought in the first war. His medal ribbons were a sight to behold and always caused lots of discussion in the SNCO Mess wherever we went to camp!!

There were some very senior and experienced Gliding Instructors on my Gliding School who did an excellent job as CGIs. They did not need the hassle of donning blue uniforms, and despite some of them having been offered commissions, they were very happy just doing what they were good at - instructing young people to go solo.
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