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Link to Telegraph letter here ;
Letters: Britain?s EU membership is a far cry from its relationship with the US

and text ;
Grounded air cadets

SIR – Contrary to Sir Christopher Coville’s assertion (Letters, March 27), the grounding of the air cadet glider fleet was brought about entirely as a result of cost considerations.
The keeping of maintenance records over the past two decades fell far short of the standards required by the new (and inexperienced) Military Aviation Authority. This lack of adequate record-keeping was most assuredly caused by cost savings in the past. Identical aircraft in civil use continue to fly quite safely under civil maintenance requirements.
I would also challenge the assertion that there have been “extensive consultations between senior officers and the volunteer gliding community”. As far as I am aware, there has been very little consultation with anyone, with most information coming from unofficial internet forums.
The increased power flying opportunities that Sir Christopher refers to cannot replace air cadet gliding, where cadets are taught up to solo standard.
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