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Time Out

On another (ahem) Eastabout I was with a crew rendered unserviceable in Guam. We were accommodated in the Okura hotel which was overrun with tiny Japanese people all visiting the place where grandpa never made it WWII. Even the staff were mostly of Nipponese persuasion and addressed you in short microbursts of speech. Our GE a veritable fair haired man mountain worked through the night to restore Albert to flying status. The wind down beers reserved for him were left untasted and it was decided that the rest of the crew would leave him to his well earned kip and go up to Andersen Field to negotiate an onward itinerary. Grope were already on top of it having received the GEs engrep and we found that we were expected to launch in two hours. Best get the GE up here we thought and phoned the hotel. Planning and prepping were complete when the GE arrived blinking in the daylight.
"Worst experience of my life" he reported." I was well out of it when there was a hammering at the door. I opened it and there was nobody there. Then I looked down and a tiny Japanese wearing a khaki safari suit screamed at me. "Orificer say, You go NOW" I thought I was in the Bridge on the River Kwai dream and I'm only just over it"
He had his own wind down slab in Honoruru.

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