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The document that you need to read is JSP362 Ch14 and Ch15.

Basically, Service Flying Clubs are not paid for by the MOD or parenting Service. They are funded through non-public monies and Service Sports Charities. Furthermore, they are 'encroachments' using spare capacity on the Defence Estate, therefore they are a very low priority compared to taxpayer funded activity.

For the Air Cadet Organisation (ATC and CCF(RAF)), they are part of the RAF. They serve under AOC 22(Trg) Gp as one of the 5 functional areas under AVM Turner's command. The head of the ACO is a FTRS 1* paid for by tax payer's money, as are the rest of her staff - Regular, Reserve or Civil Service. They are a publically funded organisation and so they, and their subordinate units, have way more clout, as Lodger Units, over any encroachment activity.

Your naivety on this matter is poor and others have also contested your views on the quality of VGS solo training...'nuff said.


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