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You have to take this profit bit with the pinch of salt the new purchasers will. When the new company came in they slashed salaries, got rid of pensions etc etc. On top of that the price of oil has nose dived. This does not indicate a company out of the woods and on a high, it indicates pure luck. Any potential investor will see this. Some of the top people that are left are now leaving. The infrastructure of the airline is still completely mismatched. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. The slots at lgw are a nice thing but if the company is left to crumble those slots whont disappear for the vultures. Unfortunately for the good guys at Monarch they already find themselves yet again worried for the future. They will either have another new boss soon who will no dowt want to cut salaries once again before purchasing or they will shut down. A crap outlook either way. I hope the good guys get out and sharpish. Unfortunately the Pilot management now in charge don't give a toss about the standards that made M great, they are just yes men and looking after themselves. Greybull have done exactly what you would expect. There's no loyalty to the M pilots anymore from the company. I just hope they all realise this and search elsewhere. Good luck to the GOOD GUYS
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