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KA can only train A330 pilots no, as that is the only common fleet type. Secondly, sending S/Os to KA is a good idea I would think as far as experience goes. If guys/gals do not want to do it they'll either not apply or quit. Now I also think we should have a possible swap program with an integrated seniority list. If I want to fly A320 to Chila, why not. And of course vice versa.

The way around all this training issue is simple, quit check and training on both sides. As someone mentioned the ASL thing, people in check and training NOW are training their replacements and their colleagues. We have 49ers AND Paris refugees in check and training now. Get your heads around that!

I would not take this out on the KA folks. They were screwed over hard when we took the freighter operation and now we want their help? I would tell us to go to hell as well and in fact we can still fix the injustice by placing those guys on the list where they belong. A show of good will might get the KA guys/gals onside.
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