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Nobody, including me, wants to draw a wedge between the two pilot groups. However, CX management will try to use one group against the other. Most of us here are sacrificing to try and effect change with the management. If KA pilots can train CX pilots, and there is no 'cost' to doing so, then most of them will rationalise their decision and do the training. They will then undermine the effort and sacrifice of the thousands of pilots here at CX. I politely stated that if they start training, then I cannot accept keeping the status quo vis-a-vis jumpseats. I have happily given KA pilots J1 for the past several years. I will not continue to do so if they are acting in a way that undermines the most serious effort in years to change the direction of our company. I'm sorry it may come to that, but I have no other way of expressing my opposition to what I will see as harming my best interests. I would hope that the reality of a change in the js availability would be something that the KA pilots could use to their benefit in dealing with their own management. If it is important enough, then you can put the pressure on your management, just as you have successfully done with other issues of concern to your group. And GMDX, if that is the case, then at least your union can also institute a training ban, and no new trainers. That would do more than anything else to convince the CX group that we are all on the same page.
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