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I have had good and bad experiences with KA jumpseats. But I try to operate under the 'pay it forward' principle. Whilst I might only need a KA jumpseat once a year, I know there are a few KA commuters that need(want) jumpseats from my Australian based port.

It would be very easy to withdraw the goodwill KA and CX pilots usually have for each other over the training issue. But for those that haven't been here for two decades, ask your older colleagues about how we trained our own ASL replacements in the late 1990s.

If we can't prevent our own pilots from training our replacements, on what moral basis can we expect another part of our airline(KA) to do our dirty work for us? I know of at least four of our own who have decided their need for 10% more in silver is greater than their need to feel like they have any friends in CX!
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