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LTNMAN you make me smile. St Helena is used to being bottom of the heap in more matters than flying. At least there are not many incoming flights after 23:30 UTC so all the connections are likely to have been made. In still air it is about 3hrs 48mins to Banjul at least from Gatwick it is and thence 4hrs 9mins to St Helena passing overhead Ascension. Winds at the 85% annual reliability are significant though not strong and because of low lying mists a "too early" arrival is not a good idea. The required Island Reserve for an A319/B738 class aircraft is about 5300kg not including contingency so it has to be finely judged. Then you have to get back. Now it becomes like cycling, it does not matter which direction you go there is always a 14 knot headwind. Add to that the price of fuel being 200% and I want my Island Resv to be as intact as possible and I don't want to use up too many of my limited flying hours. Nice try but I think you are being dealt the hand of cards.

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