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Originally Posted by Trossie View Post
I am interested to find out why someone who is pay English/British Council Tax can't vote in an English/British election... (There will be some cases, but...)
There are lots of cases. Apart from the complications of which types of European / Irish / Commonwealth / etc citizen can vote in local / parliamentary / Euro elections, and the need to get the paperwork right (actually register to vote in the place you want to vote in time; get all the details absolutely correct on your postal vote[#]), there are some less common obscurities, eg one of my colleagues on the council got herself appointed to the HoL and could not then vote in the following general election.

[#] I've heard of a postal vote being rejected because it was thrown out by the automatic signature checking machine, even though the agents watching the count knew the bloke and knew that his signature tended to be a bit random. I think we never told him his vote wasn't counted, because he is a bit of a bureaucratic pedant and might have tied the council up in legal action for years, and it wasn't as if the result was close enough for his vote to be vital.
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