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Originally Posted by pulse1 View Post

While I have tremendous respect for your knowledge and experience I am beginning to realise why some people find you irritating.

I appreciate that lots of people use the squawk service without talking to anybody, I do it myself most of the time. My point was that he seemed happy to talk to Solent in good weather on the way to Bembridge but not to talk to them in marginal weather on the way back.

It is not a big point, just stirs my curiosity.
pulse, there would have been an entirely different atmosphere in that cockpit on the way back than on the way down, when multi tasking was a breeze. As the report said he was most likely overloaded, having to fly low with the responsibility of two other persons and a faulty mode C transponder, he didn't even switch to the Popham frequency which I think confirms that thinking. Listening squawks and a service would have moved right down my priority list.

the other adult was in the back, he couldn't delegate from up front.

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