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Advertising for CFI/CP yet again. 3rd time in 6 months.

From AFAP site today:

NSW Air conducts operations under an AOC for Flight Training. Chmier and Aerial Work.

The fleet includes basic trainers; C 152, Cl72; intermediate trainers; IFR Warrior 11 , Piper Arrow; and multi-engine aircraft, including Beech Duchess, Partenavia and Piper Twin Comanche.

Our priority is to employ a Chief Flying Instructor and if possible a Chief Pilot. The skills we seek are:

Grade 1 Flight instructor, Multi Engine Instrument Rating and a Multi Engine Training Approval.
50 hours Multi Engine training experience.
250 hours commercial/charter operations - other than flying training.
200 hours Instructional experience as a Grade 1 Instructor.
Preference will be given to applicants having the following experience:

250 hours Instrument rating training experience.
2000 hours total aeronautical experience.
500 hours instructional experience as a Grade 1 Instructor.
250 hours instructor training experience.
Applicants should apply with full details to: Harry Mitchell
[email protected]

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