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I worked for them a while ago. I can jsut say, all horror stories are true, some even worse when they happen to you.

While I was there a couple of guys(i knew some of them) got either denoted or even fired for stupid reasons(one for instance made a "firm" - not a hard, landing and got fired, he was a FO). Then some local from the famous flying college which all went straight up as FO on 330 with 150 hours under their bellies and did a couple of real hard landings there(cost them a fortune plus a grounded 330) and NOTHING happened to them. That's QR company culture.

I personally I had a few encounters with great QR company culture, for instance continuous roster changes, got OFF days on outstations while on layover and so on. Crewing was never reachable, door always locked(old crewbuilding), did not lift the phone, never replied to emails. Frustrating.

I do not believe all this BS that they became better, not as long good old Al Baker boy is running the show.

Doha itself was a dump, now, years later I bet it is still the same but with more high office towers. And for sure still the same "flash mob style traffic jams", sometimes even at 2300....

Still shivering when I think back to my time with QR . Glad I left them on my own terms for good.


My knowledge about the 320 guys is a bit rusty as well, but back then they used to fly every night, sometime 6 in a row. You realized that this is a 320 guy when you thought - hey, he looks like a zombie. And this means something because even on the widebody we did tons of nightflying(which just kills you, even more if you get older). I often landed in the morning in Doha just to do another flight out on the same day(evening). If you want narrow body get some low cost in europe instead of killing yourself down there. My 10 cents. Take it or leave it.

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