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Guaranteed Flight Allowance 78.120 (65BH/Month)

Guaranteed what ? that you will be rostered 65BH / month ? or that you are paid for min 65BH / month . . . . . regardless of sickness 12 mths a year

Welcome to the (not so ) new (not so ) brave world of being a "Service Provider" , championed in an Island stuck out in the near Atlantic, recycled by a bunch of Nordics for consumption by the great unthinking who it is hoped will flock to the heart of the Roman Empire . . . . . recycled [email protected] doesn't taste any better than [email protected], and it smells even more pungent.
Another rehashed unimaginative development from the FR wannabes of the North, & yet another new "low" is reached . . . or should that be retched
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