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Nolimit, whilst I now have no horse in this derby, I agree with you whole heartedly. Whats worth reminding everyone is that the current bunch of dumbkoffs at EK have no incentive to improve things, and if true, they are being actively discouraged from even considering improvements.
Remember there is a culture of fear even amongst the management mafia as well as the view that flightcrew are overpaid primadonas' who are to be ruthlessly exploited and dispised.
I often get PM's from people asking me if the stories on here are accurate, I always tell them the same thing, I tell them no, I tell them its worse and that the reason its worse is that most pilots despite their moans are a positive and enlightened bunch who are generally optimistic. I then go on to say that in EKs case this has mostly gone, that there is no goodwill anymore and that its worse, its worse because by the time they get there after ignoring all the good honest accurate advice, it will be.
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